P.O Box: 43890, Abu Dhabi

Golden Fountain, an organization with almost three decades of experience in the U.A.E. market, is a limited liability company under the esteemed chairmanship of Col. Ahmed Mohsen Al Hamad and his board of directors.

Its extensive years of experience, right through the growth and development of Abu Dhabi, make it more proficient and capable than several others working in similar sectors. Golden Fountain L.L.C. takes pride in the quality and speed at which work is delivered while giving utmost care to environmental issues.

Any firm's success is relative to its human resources. At Golden Fountain, the entire workforce, including managers, engineers, and laborers, works towards the common goal of ensuring customer satisfaction through quality work and incorporating new technologies in construction.

  • Our Mission

    Golden Fountain L.L.C. strives to maintain superior quality service and project delivery to assure customer satisfaction. Device and apply procedures that guarantee high efficiency and on-time project completion. Ensure human resource safety and health, along with providing a working environment for the same. Explore new horizons for business development while improving the prospects in current sectors.

  • Our Vision

    To be successful as a specialist contracting firm that delivers quality projects to supreme customer satisfaction while maintaining environmental awareness and friendliness.

We are one of the leading landscaping specialists in UAE